Scat Stories 
A boy enters into new service to his master, takes two other boys with him, and gets a bellyful when he gets his Toilet Training Introduction. Via email. [9k]
A very good, long story of a scat dude caught in *way* too small a town. He's dying for some scat action and he finds it with the Bus Rider. From the Net ( [54k]
Some good old boys get together on a farm, chow down and then make a Mid-South Mess. Grunge, Scat, & Puke everywhere! From the Premier Issue of PowerPlay Magazine. [30k]
A scat story inspired by and dedicated to that fabulous artist, Bastille. From the European Magazine Toy. [16k]
A story of two hot dirty men and the erotic mess they made on A Day In July. From the Net via email. [28k]
Journal Entries

Early Fall, 1994 -- Getting creative with phallic fruit. Solo ass-stuffing action. [6k]
RedRight Goes Brown
Mid-August, 1994 -- An entry from the beginning of my trip down a slippery brown slope. A beginner playing at solo scat. [6k]
March 28th, 1996 -- Journal entry of more solo scat. Nasty play with dildos and shit. You'll like this! [10k]
RedRight Goes to Smearsville
March 24th, 1997 -- The title kind of says it all... [9k]


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