Jack Wants to Feed
a true story

by Jack

. . . take your time reading this, you shit eaters are gonna like it. This is a true story from Amsterdam. I am Jack, a BIG hairy white muscled guy, 27, 1,98 m (6'6''), 110 kg. (243 lb.), dark hair, crew cut (almost zero crop). I play football and I do heavy fitness workouts 4 days a week. I know I'm hot, gay guys are always staring at me and especially at my ass and my big bulge. I am straight but I like pissing and shitting in somebody's mouth, and because unfortunately my girlfriend is not into all my extreme sex desires, I am looking for gay bottoms because only they wanna go as far as I wanna go. At least I hope they'll go that far . . . because you can experience your wildest sex adventures that you won't be able to share with anyone else, because I am really UNLIMITED. So, glad I found this website!

After years of very nasty dreams, I finally want to make them come true . . . This is what I want: Every Friday night after my fitness workout, I don't take a shower, but I come to your place. I lay down and relax in a comfortable chair and watch television. You show me you know your queer place by kneeling in front of me. You take off my big sneakers and my shorts and while I slowly begin to jock my big fat uncut 9'' cock, you place your little queer nose on my hot wet and stinking white athletic socks and you begin by taking deep and long breaths through the wet, sweat soaked fabric. You take a long time by deeply sniffing all my stinking workout sweat and when I decide you're done with inhaling all the stench, then you take off my socks slowly and gently and you lick and suck my big moist and sweaty feet clean (size 47; 12 US !). I want you to pay extra attention to my big fat toes; I want you to suck hard on them like they're fucking cockheads. My feet must be tongue bathed and soaked all over with your faggot drool. I also want to stick both my thick long toes in your mouth and stretch your lips apart wide open to prepare you for my thick monstrous cock

Then you lick both of my massive hairy football player legs, very slowly all the way up, by paying extra attention to my thick hairy ankles and my muscled beefy calves, and also to the muscles of my monstrous hairy upper legs. You give me a long and thorough muscle massage with your tongue. And then you lick and suck my big heavy hairy balls. Everything must be wet and shiny, it must drip with all your queer drool and I wanna god damn HEAR you sniffing and slurping like crazy! You go on with tongue bathing my feet, legs and balls for as long as I want, you only stop when I say so.

Then I spread my big hairy buns by holding my massive legs wide with my hands and then you start licking my wide hairy stinking sweaty asshole, and tongue and suck it out long and deep. Now and then I take big stinking farts to trigger your appetite; I warn you with a slight grunt just before a huge fart is coming out and you immediately stick your little queer nose in my asshole and you inhale my farts deep. You have to know; at the fitness club I'm famous for my big loud stinking farts! When you miss a fart, I'll hit you hard with my foot sole or my heal against your queer face. Several times when you do a good licking and sucking job on my crack, I push out my asshole a little so you already feel the tip of a huge and heavy hot brown football player log waiting there for you. With great eagerness you have to show me how hungry you are for my hot shitload by deeply tongue fucking my asshole and trying to desperately suck out the long monster turd. You often have to beg me to feed you.

When I am horny enough I put you on your back with force, and stand over you. I look down on you straight in your queer eyes and I place my big heavy foot on your throat and push a lot of weight on it, just to make your face red and hot enough , then I squat down with the tip of my reeking uncut cock hanging inches from your mouth and nose and I slap you about ten times hard in your face with my big hands on both your cheeks. When your face is not red enough, I keep slapping until it gets red like a beet. With this little foot play on your throat and this slapping, I've made your faggot face nice and warm so it's more comfortable for my straight ass to sit on. Then I plant my hairy asshole straight on your mouth and without any hesitation and with deep and loud grunting and sighing, I will push out my asshole, make my hole open wide and slowly fuck a big thick and long hot brown turd all the way deep down your throat, directly into your stomach. You will also listen to the sound it makes, slowly moving out and down through my ass lips directly in your mouth. You're not allowed to chew on it; I just pump it slowly straight down your throat. I like to shit with force but also slowly, so I have more time enjoying it.

This heavy crap might take a long while because you have to consider I eat HUGE fitness meals (I eat 4 times a day and I eat at least 3 whole breads a day, and 2 big plates of spaghetti), my mega dumps are at least 1 kilo, sometimes 1,5 kilo or more (between 2 lb. and 3+ lb.). When I shit in the toilet bowl (yeah I know, what a waste!), my turds are always at least around 30 cm. (1 feet) long (often longer) and at least some 6 cm. (2,5 inches) wide. My turds are of the finest quality; not too stiff and not too loose! I don't care if you gag or choke on it or not, I just sit on your face and empty my complete shit load in your mouth; slowly but forcefully, and without stopping, no matter how you are reacting to it, no matter how hard your helpless body is resisting to it, I will push the whole mega dump in your gut. Because of the constant pressure and with my full weight on your face and my asshole on your wide open mouth, my huge shit mass has no other way to go than through your stretching throat down in your gut. Filling you up with my hot football player dump makes my cock rock hard! And when you get tears in your eyes, and your facing is turning into red or blue because of this mega dump pushing it's way slowly down your throat, that's an extra turn on for me!

The first Friday nights you don't get the privilege of chewing on my turds yet; you're just my god damn sewer mouth. But later when you're doing a good job, I allow you sometimes to chew on my dump; I will then need to pump my big wet shit load in at least 4 or 5 steps in your mouth, to let you do a proper chewing job. After every partial dump, I stand up, place my big heavy foot on your stomach and looking down on you, enjoying your moving neck muscles when you are chewing my mouthful of hot straight shit mass. You're only allowed to swallow it down when I give you permission. When you try to push it out of your mouth or when you try to puke it, I place my big flat foot sole on your chewing mouth, to make sure everything stays in.

When all that hot shit is down your throat, you lick my ass all nice and clean and I will then reward you with a long hot man's piss directly into your mouth, you have to swallow quickly because my big yellow piss stream is thick and hard. Then I pull my thick and low hanging foreskin completely over your nose and you deeply inhale my hot cock stench. Then I will push my big fuck monster slowly down between your lips and I will slowly start to fuck your face with my huge fat 9'' cock and after a long and deep throat fuck session, --although I know you can't take all of my big fat cock because the base is too thick-- I want to cum deep down your throat, straight in your shit and piss filled gut! We do this every Friday night and when my girlfriend is out, we go for long weekend sessions; you have to know, my Sunday afternoon dumps are the biggest! What makes me even hotter is that you don't eat for 1 or 2 or (even better!) more days before I come, and I save up my shit for several days, so you're EXTRA hungry for my giant shit load and you're really starving and begging to be fed by my ass, I want you to truly mouth water for my shit!

When you're doing a good job, I take my fitness partner (also XXX big!) with me and you do us both, we pump you full with hot shit loads, one after another. Be prepared . . . my fitness buddy eats even more than I do! Later, I might consider bringing in more fitness pals, we will all use you as our fitness club toilet to see how much hot straight sportsman's shit can be pumped in that little queer stomach. But first you service me alone, I don't want to disappoint my friends.

What really turns me on is you buy me one of those new fancy digital scales (per 100 gr. / 3.52 oz. precise); before and after I feed you my big shit load, I weigh myself, so I know exactly how much of my shit is pumped in your stomach. The first Friday night I am friendly and shit for free. A one time free service entry! But since my high quality shit will make you addictive to my dumps, the next times when you are really starving and hooked to my hot shit (and believe me; you will!), you're gonna pay me for my long fat turds. I have to come up with a good prize, depending on how well you lick and suck my feet, legs, balls, and cock. If you lick and suck me hard and long enough I might lower the prize. But I'm thinking of 10 Dutch guilders per 100 gr. ($5 / 3.52 oz.) shit. The idea you pay for my hot shit loads, that I dump for money, makes me extra horny! And of course triggers me to munch away even more food! We can also play little games, like you're only gonna suck my big cock again when over a few sessions, there's another 10 kilo (22 lb.) of my shit down your sewer throat. With this scale, me and my fitness club friends can also play exciting dump contests: who pumps the biggest shit load in our shit tank at once? We can also sometimes use the scale and a stopwatch and see how big the load is and how fast it is pumped down your stomach; we sometimes take speed contests to see who is the fastest with forcing a shitload down your eager throat. When we turd fuck your throat with a whole group (I call it gang dumping!), we exactly know how much kilo's of fitness guys shit is pumped in you. Maybe when you swallow all our hot straight shit, you become as cool as we are!

When you lay there on the ground totally filled up with our hot shit we'll think about more nasty games to play. I've got some wild fantasies like standing on your shit filled gut so you puke all the shit out and when you're on your hands and knees we slap you hard on your ass, yelling at you, while you eat our puked-out shit pile from the ground again. Or one guy is sitting on your face and the other guy is sitting with his full weight on your shit-filled gut and see how you cope with that! Or we can hang you upside down with your gut packed with lots and lots of hot, wet shit of some 8 big men, we place a wide open mouth gag between your teeth and then one after the other fucks your face deep ! Or when you hang there upside down we fasten a closed gag in your mouth and we'll push a big fat 16'' dildo down your ass!

You wanna know more of my nasty dreams? If you become my real long time sewer pal, I seek a dentist who pulls out all your teeth, so you can REALLY deep throat my long and fat monster cock all the way down to the wide base, because with teeth for sure nobody can take it all the way down, my cock is too fat and the base is too thick. Then, I can really face fuck that gummy mouth hard and deep for hours!

When you are toothless, I have another funny game: I'm gonna stuff my big SOFT COCK AND BOTH OF MY HUGE BALLS in your mouth, and clamp your face tightly between my massive hairy thighs. Then I'm gonna sniff poppers and soon my cock will start to grow and getting bigger and harder, filling your whole mouth and throat to the max, and because my balls are also crammed in your toothless mouth, your lips starting to function as a LIVING COCKRING! It's one big bulging faggot face and nothing can get out! I like to see the tears coming out of your eyes and see your face turning into red and blue when you're in this helpless position. It's like your whole face is gonna explode! How 'bout that! The only way out of this, is you are lucky I get horny enough that I cum in your throat and my cock gets soft again. Otherwise your face keeps being plugged on my rock hard and thick cockbase and my massive balls until you're knocked out completely. I have got more extreme ideas, for example fisting your toothless mouth and throat long and deep. Or shoving my big hand and my thick wrist and muscled hairy forearm deep in your throat, and see how far I can get, and then arm fucking your face by pumping it in and out faster and faster.

Or I push a long hot stiff fat turd in your throat and let it stick gently some 5 inches out of your toothless mouth, and I slowly shove it further all the way down with my fist. Or what do you think of this: when you lay there after the gang dump, totally filled with our hot shit, we are gonna fist you from both ways; I am gonna fist your throat and my buddy fists you in your ass!

The wildest idea I have, is by FOOT FUCKING your toothless mouth by slowly pushing my big monster football player FOOT as deep as I can DOWN your helpless face and stretching your throat, seeing your neck getting wider, and then shoving it up and down your throat with increasing speed. Seeing my slimy and spit soaked big straight foot and my thick hairy ankle and leg going in and out of your stretching queer mouth, is my ultimate kick. When your stretched lips almost rip apart, surrounding my thick muscled hairy calf, and my leg is about to tear your jaws apart, I will cum spontaneously, without even touching my rock hard cock! They often say gays have big mouths, well let's see if that's true! And how would you feel when your gut is filled with shit of many big hot beefy sportsmen and you have one big foot forcing it's way up your ass, and one big foot working it's way down your mouth and throat? And you're worried that they wanna touch toes somewhere in the middle of the little faggot?

But that's all for now, don't worry, first the shit tank session is enough to begin with. This is a real turn on for me, and I will prepare my fitness friends for it, and I know they ARE ready for it, we've often made jokes about shitting in queer mouths! So, let's make it happen! Okay, who wants to be AMSTERGANG-DUMPED?!

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